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“Petitioner depended upon Mackey during the most turbulent period of his life, needed him to negotiate on his behalf and protect petitioner’s interests.

Instead, Mackey lied to petitioner, threatened the well-being of petitioner’s children and perpetrated malpractice on a scale the likes of while has rarely been seen in American legal history.” Larry Mackey, a former federal prosecutor and one of the most prominent white-collar defense lawyers in Indianapolis, declined to comment.

Sarah Mackey denied receiving any such email from Larry Mackey, and said she didn’t even own an i Pad at that time.“After pressing the button to open the Internet, Sarah’s email popped up, with the highlighted email a message from Mackey to Sarah,” he wrote in the petition.“The email read, ‘Sarah, I love you and I can’t wait to see you in your underwear.’” He said he called Sarah immediately for an explanation, and she yelled at him for “being invasive.” “The discovery of their illicit affair spun petitioner into a state of utter mental chaos,” Hauke wrote.Hauke said in his petition that he fired Mackey a few weeks after discovering the relationship.Sarah Mackey, in an interview, strongly disputed her ex-husband’s version of events.

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Larry Mackey issued a statement through a spokesman denying Hauke’s claims generally. Keenan and Sarah Hauke separated in early 2011, while authorities were hedge fund.

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