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I've tried everything and for some reason it just won't update, even when I install games that have 9.0c(August 2005) edition of direct x it still won't update, and I have tried both the web installer and offline versions.

I'm not really having any problems but I do feel that some newer games would probably run a little smoother if it was updated.

Note that the listed video cards are Direct3D 10 hardware: Shader Model 4.0, geometry shader, stream out, alpha-to-coverage, 8K textures, MSAA textures, 2-sided stencil, general render target views, texture arrays, BC4/BC5, optional Direct Compute (CS 4.0), full floating-point format support, all 9_3 features.

Direct3D 11.1 hardware: Shader Model 5.0 with optional extensions, Logical blend operations, Target-independent rasterization, UAVs at every stage, Constant buffer offsetting and partial updates, UAV only rendering with force sample count, all 11_0 features.

This is my first post and I'm hoping somebody can help me out with updating 9.0c to the newest version.

In various forums and discussion threads of late, I've seen some confusion about the difference between "Direct X 11" the API and "Direct X 11" the class of video hardware.

The key to this is the concept of a "Feature Level" for devices which simplifies the old Direct3D 9 "sea of capabilities bits" to an increasingly capable group of level-sets for video hardware.

Note that the tool must be run as administrator in Windows Vista or later, and Norton users may have problems downloading and using the tool.

Further details on the automated version can be found on the Trainz Discussion Forums at

Search for updating direct x:

updating direct x-31updating direct x-20updating direct x-8

This makes writing games and applications much simpler, and more importantly if something works for Feature Level X, then you can assume it will work for Feature Level X 1.

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